Editorial Process

The Encyclopedia Project holds a vast and unique collection of material on the Bahá’í Faith. Articles encompassing a wide range of topics are in various stages of an assessment and editing process.

The aim of the editing process is to produce articles that are straightforward, factual, concise, and comprehensible to a general audience. Articles are edited for consistency of content, style, tone, and format. Cross references and updated bibliographies are provided.

At various stages in the editorial process, articles are made available to selected readers, who are invited to make comments and suggestions. Thus, when an article is published, it may already reflect the contributions—often anonymous—of a number of individuals in addition to the author(s) to whom it is attributed. 

Online publishing of an article facilitates continued updating and also allows for collaboration between the author, the editors, and the users of this website. A comment feature enables readers to offer suggestions, possible corrections, and additional information.