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While work on a Bahá’í Encyclopedia continues, we offer a variety of articles on topics related to the Bahá’í Faith.

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The Bahá’í Encyclopedia Project is preparing a wide range of articles for eventual publication in the Bahá’í Encyclopedia. Meanwhile, we are delighted to make available an interim selection of entries. The collection will expand to include more articles from more subject categories.

The initial collection, though small in number, looks at the topics in depth. The historical and biographical entries, in particular, include much material that has never been published or has not been available until now in English. All the articles bring together information from a variety of sources, many of which can be found only in research libraries and archives.

The editors and authors have done extensive fact-checking as part of the publishing process. No encyclopedia can be definitive, however. The articles published here will underscore the need for more extensive and intensive study of many topics. At the same time, Web publication will make it possible (limited only by available time and resources) to update and refine articles as new information and perspectives emerge. Stimulating the expansion and refinement of Bahá’í studies has always been a priority goal of this project.