Launching this website and bringing a selection of Encyclopedia articles to editorial completion is the culmination of a lengthy process that has involved efforts by individuals too numerous to name. Special thanks are due, however, to at least some of those not mentioned elsewhere whose help, whether sustained or temporary, has been particularly noteworthy.

From 1996—when the Encyclopedia Project moved to Evanston—to 2008, three excellent administrative assistants undertook a huge range of tasks in moving the Encyclopedia Project forward. Rhonda Wittorf set up office procedures that endured for more than twelve years; Cherri Jean Porter's tenure was brief but productive; and Sharon Bakula served capably and steadfastly for almost a decade. For each, employment entailed personal sacrifice and dedication beyond the job description.

Over a period of many years, Manuchehr Derakhshani of the Office of Persian American Affairs at the Bahá’í National Center, Evanston, Illinois, answered innumerable queries about Persian sources and transliteration; Bijan Bayzaee and Iraj Ayman have also been greatly helpful in such matters. Roger Dahl, Archivist at the National Bahá’í Archives, United States, has rendered invaluable assistance, promptly responding to a host of questions about matters large and small; thanks are due also to his assistant, Lewis Walker. A specific administrative task of great importance to the project was the upgrading of its database, which was coordinated by Nora Hartman and, later, Sheila Kasravi of the Information Technology department at the Bahá’í National Center. Geoff Wilson, General Counsel to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States, has aided the project with many issues during a time of changing intellectual property laws. Several other offices at the Bahá’í National Center have provided practical support.

During various phases of the project, many individuals have served as peer reviewers. Most recently, some thirty people with a wide range of experience have agreed to read Encyclopedia articles in the final stages of preparation for Web publishing. Their comments and suggestions on everything from typographical errors to substantive issues help to improve the articles. Special thanks go to Christine Zerbinis for perusing each article with an editor's eye for detail.

During the summer of 2008, Chad Chumley, a student of philosophy and religion at Iowa Wesleyan College, volunteered half-time service as an intern in the Encyclopedia Project office. Working with great speed and minimal direction, he provided capable assistance at a critical time for the project, when work on the website was intensifying.

Particular thanks go to Jason Imani for contributing his time, talent, and willing spirit (and much patience) to designing logotype and the HTML style for the articles. The development of the website by the Bahá’í National Center's Information Technology department has been ably coordinated by Jim Barnes, who continues to work tirelessly and enthusiastically on a multitude of complex tasks. The website is in many ways his creation.

Finally, the Encyclopedia Project owes a great debt of gratitude to former editors and their assistants; to all contributors; and to the well-wishers who lend material and moral support to this endeavor.